How to take two pictures on BeReal? Front and back

so how to take two pictures on burial so okay let's just show you uh i i will delete my previous burial and then i want to post a light burial so here it is and then what i need to do so there is no like two pictures setting and yeah you just select direction of your camera from the back camera and then you can just tab to create an image and then second picture is created automatically so you don't need to do anything and and then you just tap send and after that there is a second picture available so it's not like you need to take one picture attach it and then yeah so the one thing of course that your phone needs to have front camera and back camera available um so yeah if you are wondering if you can take so for example let's just do this i can just tap send if you are wondering if uh you can take two burials per day it's not possible so then i just don't have i don't have an option to post as this button is disabled as soon as you uh posted already or be real you will be able to post another burial after a day after 24 hours or maybe not just another day so that's about it so you can't post tuberials per day but there you have it

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