How to text someone in Purp app?

So, how do you text someone in the Purp app? Well, this app is somewhat similar to Tinder, but it's specifically designed for making friends. Here's a quick guide on how to use its texting feature:

  1. Get started by swiping right or left on profiles to indicate your interest in chatting or adding someone as a friend.
  2. If you want to enhance your profile's visibility, you can use the first five boosts on the list. This allows you to swipe right for two hours without spending any gems.
  3. If you're tired of swiping, you can simply tap on the "Quick Add" button. This will enable you to send friend requests without having to swipe on individual profiles.
  4. In case you want to go all out, you have the option to send 100 friend requests for 690 gems or 400 friend requests for 1500 gems.
  5. Now, here's an important part: if someone swipes right on your profile, you'll see them as a friend. Similarly, if someone sends you a friend request, you'll see it as a notification.
  6. Once you receive a friend request, you can accept it and start chatting. All your conversations will appear in the bottom right corner of the app.

So, that's how you can conveniently text someone in the Purp app. Its straightforward interface and intuitive features make it easy to connect with new friends and engage in meaningful conversations. Give it a try and expand your social circle today!

Note: The Purp app features and pricing are subject to change over time, so it's always a good idea to check the app's official documentation for the latest information.

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