How to track Roaming DATA USAGE on iPhone?

so in case you are traveling and you're using your seller data in roaming sometimes it's just important to track its usage because it can be kept so just open Settings app on iPhone go to Cellular and then scroll down a bit and then you will see current period drawing and that's where basically it says for example here you see 2.6 gigabytes that's just the data I used in roaming and then there is 67.2 gigabytes in the current period so that that I don't that's just the whole period maybe when you yeah installed your sim card or you enabled your sim card but for Romney specifically there is a separate tab where you can track that so for example if you're if you live in UK and you travel into Spain and you're using a UK SIM card in roaming or no okay because you can like yeah so or anywhere else if you live in U.S and just use your 3G 4G network 5G Network in other country it's important sometimes to track it because it can be capped or you can be charged if you go about that Gap so no need to install some additional app it's it's built in in IR software so you can see current period roaming 2.6 gigabytes in this case so that's how you track it

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