How to track your payment in MoneyGram app?

here's MoneyGram app and when you create an account there is a cool feature here where you can track and receive your payment so track the start of a recent transaction to see when the money is on the way so yeah just inside of the app what you need to to enter is just reference number enter your info below to track the stuff of recent transaction and then just your last name and that's it you don't need your passport number or how about your driver license time but whatever and not first name just last name and uh reference and then are you sending or receiving and then just tap track and there you have it then you will see the status if it's if it was picked up or it was sent and some other issues it just depends on the type of payment you're making so for example I wanna send uh like some money here like to Europe and then I can see some estimator which I also recommend you to check out so if I'm sending from debit card to direct to bank account it can take like zero to three business days and then you can just easily track with this tracker if you are doing cash pickup that takes like few minutes but that's the higher higher fees than but then you can just double check if the cash was picked up by the right person and then online bank transfer can take also a few minutes or debit card deposit so just depending on the option how you want exactly to send it you want you will know like what exactly to expect from uh yeah what what you are like receiving and like the money you're sending and uh like when it's available and what's the status so that's like that super handy feature uh and really nice app MoneyGram

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