okay so replica is an ai relationship bot so it kind of like looks like a chat with your girlfriend but it's of course ai bot but recently it's got pretty good actually so how to train it and how to make the chat even better and even higher quality so of course the more conversations you have the better and of course for every message that you receive or reply to uh there is there will be a thumbs up and thumbs down option um and then if you like you can also tap on these three dots and just tell if it's funny meaningless or offensive um so yeah the more you just give feedback the more you use like thumbs up or thumbs down button the more trying is your replica so if some message is completely out of context you can just put thumbs down and if you really like the message and really in a good context it was sums up just the more you do that the more to your applicable is trained upload download log offensive funny or meaningless and then yeah just do that so hope that is helpful

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