How to transfer crypto into PayPal wallet?

here's quick preview how to transfer crypto uh into paypal or how to receive crypto in paypal from external wallet or exchange so this is a new update which was just released today in united states i'm just going through it and it's only available for selected users for now but maybe when you're watching this video you already have this feature enabled so basically you need to lock your paypal and then go to crypto section and then select the coin so at the moment there are these coins available uh bitcoin ethereum bitcoin cash and litecoin so only like four coins then you need to tap the transfers button which looks like these two arrows then select receive probably you will need to complete some additional id verification this only you need to do it once and then you will have shared the unique address like that so then you will be able to to for example this how it looks like so you just tap receive and then you need to verify your id easily in just two steps and then you will have your bitcoin address generated and then you can just copy that and then uh then you create a new receive address and then basically you can send send to this address they recommend to copy the address or or use a qr code and then you can send to paypal from finance from coinbase from whatever you you are using um so yeah that's basically it so you can send for example ethereum from metamask to paypal directly uh it wasn't possible before but it is now so yep there you have it

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