just found this tip from twitter advert ferguson that yeah many people have this issue that when iphone alarm goes off in the morning uh usually you need to tap snooze or you need to tap stop or something like that but you can just say hey siri turn off the alarm and siri will do it for you or might be like hey siri snooze um and yeah you don't even need to touch your phone and this should work uh so yeah so in case you know like you're charging your phone and it's usually some people just waking up and the phone is like in another room and this alarm starts going off like the burning if you're a morning person or a late person and then you just need to go to another room or like tap it on this news or something like that there are so many use cases where it's just so annoying to go and find the phone so you don't need to do that you can just tell hey siri turn off the alarm also some other people advising here go into accessibility touch back tap and set double tap to home then just double tap when you raise your iphone and it will get you in instead of swiping same thing using siri button or vr voice to launch into an app then face id will pop up and no need for swipe so yeah that's an interesting approach hope this is helpful

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