How to turn off read receipts in Instagram DMs?

Instagram is rolling out a new update that will be welcomed by many users. The popular social media platform is finally testing a feature that allows users to turn off read receipts for direct messages (DMs). This exciting update was announced by none other than Instagram's CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, through their official broadcast channels.

Listening to user feedback, Instagram has taken the initiation to test this new feature that gives users control over their read receipts. Soon, individuals will have the ability to choose whether or not to let others see when they have read their DMs. To get a sneak peek of this feature, Instagram shared a screenshot of the privacy and safety menu for direct messages.

To access this menu, all you have to do is tap on the name of the profile under the chat. If you are part of the testing phase, you will notice a toggle that allows you to turn off read receipts under the "who can see your activity" section. It's as simple as that – just a quick tap on the toggle, and you can disable read receipts for good.

The updated privacy and safety menu also offers other options related to message visibility. From allowing or restricting others to see when you have read their messages, to controlling vanish mode messages or even choosing to always send read receipts, Instagram is providing users with more flexibility and control over their messaging experience.

This is fantastic news for those who prefer to keep their online interactions more private or simply don't want others to know when they have read a message. Instagram's decision to introduce this feature reflects the platform's commitment to improving user experience and addressing user concerns.

Whether you want to disable read receipts to maintain your privacy or simply want more control over your messaging activity, Instagram has got you covered. This much-awaited feature will surely be welcomed by millions of Instagram users around the world.

With this update, Instagram is taking a step towards enhancing user privacy and freedom of choice. By giving users the option to turn off read receipts, Instagram is allowing individuals to chat on their own terms.

So, if you've been eagerly waiting to disable read receipts in your Instagram DMs, you'll soon have the option to do so. Keep an eye out for this feature to arrive on your Instagram account and enjoy a more personalized messaging experience.

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