okay so here is slight huddles feature um and yeah uh did you know that you can actually enable captions here so you can go here more options and turn on captions and then let's see so if i'm talking [Music] i will see the captions here and as you can see they are pretty precise let's see if i can copy them so yeah i can just select and copy them so that's that's super cool feature and for example if you have some real-time audio meeting in slack then you can just see all this meeting summary so and then you'll just have like this is the meeting summary so that's amazing for example imagine you have long conversation and you need to have like a separate person taking all the notes um so no need to do that here in slack you just instantly have all of that transcribed which is absolutely amazing otherwise you can use tools like author ai or something like that so yeah you can always turn off captions [Music] so that's how it works slag huddles is only available on paid plans on slack

Mac OS Ventura - How To Enable Live...
Mac OS Ventura - How To Enable Live Captions
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