How to turn on profile view history in TikTok?

so here's tik tok and when i went to my inbox to see all activity i can now see that there is kind of new feature profile views so you can turn on profile view history other people can see that you reviewed their profile in the last 30 days only you can see who viewed your profile only viewers could turn on profile views and view your profile the password today will be shown you can turn off this at any time so there you have it profile view history will appear here again only you can see who viewed your profile in the past 30 days only people who turn on profile view will be shown so that's the idea that's you can turn it off at any point um so if i go to settings and privacy probably it's somewhere here so you can do private account i'm just trying to find where where in the settings that is so yeah probably somewhere in inbox uh but yeah you can turn off that here um probably it will just appear here in the all activity or like you know like you and mentioned followers from tick tock or yeah somewhere here it should be seen so uh hope this is helpful

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