How to TWEAK A BOT in CHAI app?

so here is chai app and when you're chatting with some bot there is a new feature in top right which is called tweak so when you tap on this gear emerging top right and then you can see uh these models so there are the moment two models where you can upgrade so gptj leads six billion or five six thirteen billion and this is a six billion parameter basic model that has special training on literature the will be like a book or story so for example that or even that and then this is cutting-edge model released by facebook it has almost lifelike conversations ultra upgrades required so that's basically the idea and you can do it to any bot not only your spot and then you can just have upgrade to ultra and this is a separate subscription plan on this chai app where it's more expensive so it's 30 dollars per month and premium is 13.99 in ultra you can get everything included with premium plus the best conversational models so that's that

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