How to uncheck box for green screen in Zoom? (Video)

How to uncheck box for green screen in Zoom?

  1. Open Zoom app.
  2. Go to Background & filters.
  3. In the bottom there is a checked box for green screen.
  4. You should contact Zoom support. In my case, it is impossible to uncheck - probably it is an issue for older macs.

Hello there so there is this bug on zoom with the green screen so if on older laptops you select in settings video right here uh certain background and filters you select that you have a green screen then after that you cannot uncheck that especially in the case if your laptop is is an older model and doesn't meet these requirements like if your mac os is older than 1013 and if your processor is slower than intel core i5 so yeah i can't uncheck this box anymore so i don't know like the suggestions here i just found in reddit it's just uh uninstalling and reinstalling zoom so that should solve the problem according to this subreddit so try it out if it works for you or not thanks for watching

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