How to UNDO TWEETS via Twitter Blue in 2023?

so I upgraded to Twitter blue and the famous feature of it is that you can add a tweet or undo tweets so let's just explore how it works so you can go to this early access Tab and then just tap on do tweet and then select which types of tweets you want to undo before there are public plus the lengths of your undo period so here you can see original the yeah like the type of content which you can undo and undo tweet timing which you can select from 5 Seconds to 60 Seconds um so yeah that's basically what it is at the moment and okay let's just try it out uh okay why I mean that so I want to uh tap something and then and then I'm just tapping here and then I can just tap undo so there you have super simple that's how you undo tweet uh yeah handy feature and then you have preferences and then yeah so again you can change your timing from Five Seconds to 60 seconds it's pretty a lot in case you're typing something in Twitter uh you have the 60 seconds to double read it make sure there aren't that many typos and then if you're completely sure just tap to it

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