okay so how to unfollow topics or categories on twitter so i just found this question from justin khan he was just asking how to turn off this tvs from random categories in my timeline so here is just my advice uh yeah you can just go to your twitter profile in the top left just tap on that burger menu and then here you have topics so these are all the topics you are following so even if you don't people specific if you don't follow specific people you can still be shown some tweets about like investing or job searching or marketing or clubhouse even if you don't follow a specific person and then what you need to do is just go to topics and then just tap here following or unfollow something so that's how you unfollow topics so let's see in my twitter feed if i can find the example of tweet from specific topic so here you can see so if you see some tweets from business and finance um even if i don't follow this person i will still see the tweet because i'm following the topic business and finance so then if i just tap on this topic i'll just see the the following and from here i can also unfollow that so yeah um hope that is helpful

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How to Mass Unfollow on Twitter [2019 Update]
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