How to UNFRIEND in WINK app? (Video)

UNFRIEND in WINK app – guide

  1. Go to messages tab.
  2. Go to specific chat.
  3. Tap on three dots in top right.
  4. Tap Unfriend.
  5. From the same menu you can also Block, Report or Add on Snap.
    unfriend on Wink app

Wink app overview

Wink app – social media/dating app which helps to find new Snapchat friends.

How to use Wink app?

You can sign up with Snapchat.
Wink is kind of a dating app for Snapchat users

There are many different features.

First, it is just like Tinder – you can swipe left right and find your match.
You can send a super swipe, but then you need to have these coins.
If you verify your account, connect your contacts you can earn some of it.

This is looks kind of similar to Tinder there are filters – you can filter out male or female, country, age and then just continue swiping.
In the bottom right if you don’t like, you can block a report user.
It is possible to rewind i guess but then again it uses coins.

There is a friends tab – it’s like live video chat option, there are top users, who you can add. To add friends just go to the top right and start new chat and then again top right and then from here you can just type the username and then you can add him here and start chatting.

In marketplace you can select your profile themes, but again you need to use your coins.

Then there are a bunch of games you can play it with friends.

Your profile is in top left. So you can customize it, you can add the different pictures, verify your profile. You can add up to six photos.

To verify your profile in the bottom you just need to take a selfie of yourself.

You need to add your snap username – Wink app is organized around Snapchat.
It is possible to change your Wink username.

In case you are not happy with the account you can just go to the bottom and tap delete account.

It’s pretty cool that you can delete it right away without contacting the support.

You will see new messages and requests here if someone is interested.

Wink app is in the top 100 charts on the app store
So, definitely try it out!

Get Wink app:

Google Play Store

App Store


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