so how to uninstall uh deco peak app from samsung galaxy fonts so this app is just appeared from nowhere uh and i'm just going through the reddit here you can also just read this thread app mysteriously installed has anyone else got an app called deck of peak installed on their phone out of nowhere it can be uninstalled only disabled so what to do to not uninstall but just at least to disable it what people did here is i went in through the system app manager and it had the option to uninstall updates then it disappeared after i did that so to find that you need to go on samsung galaxy font to settings apps find decor peak top right three dots and then uninstall updates so something like that and then yeah you will be able to uninstall updates at least that will disable that so [Music] apparently it was a function on another samsung app that was already on your phone samsung just took that function and made it on own app since it's part of samsung's suite it can't be deleted so yeah a lot of people are actually bothered so hope at least that will will help you out to uninstall updates um that's that's how you can do it and maybe there is another solution soon maybe some soon we'll introduce something because yeah a lot of people are just quite pissed like what uh what's going on why is this app just out of nowhere appeared on on my phone that's not cool uh but yeah if you have any other solutions how to delete it just leave in the comments below

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