How to UNLINK ACCOUNT in NoteIt app?

here is noted uh app and after using update you can now unlink account so you can just tap in top left on information icon and tap unlink and then it says unlink partner are you sure you want to unlink with your current partner and type yes so it's super useful feature why because this app only allows to link one partner one other account it's not that you can link five or ten other profiles such as in locket widget here only one person and if you did a mistake or you want to try this other friend or anything like that then you can just unlink and then you can just link again yep so for the sake of this demo i'll just link to myself but yeah something like that uh so then you can just unlink and link back but that's a cool feature uh like in previous version it wasn't possible to do that so you needed to create a new account with a new email which was a bit annoying but now it's fixed so that's cool so this was fixed with this new version 209 just go and update the app

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