How to UNSEND MESSAGES on iMessage app iPhone? Coming with iOS16

so here is a new update to ios 16 on apple now uh you can unsend messages in messages app on on iphone so finally there is this feature similar as you have on messenger so now you can edit or recall recently send messages to recover recently deleted messages and mark conversation as unread so they can come back to them later so basically here is a preview from apple how it looks like so you can see you you will just have undo send messages and then you will just unsend messages from yeah yeah from from your messages for that to be available you need to go and update to ios 16 which will be released soon i don't know when exactly and uh yeah i don't know if if like if it will if you update to newer ios 16 will you'll be able to also unsend like your older messages um so that's basically that or yeah it will only work for new messages but that's a cool feature i also like here on the video it doesn't show the the status message and send like because on messenger facebook messenger if you unsend it you will just see a like small gray text where it says like someone unsent a message so that's basically how it works yeah hope this is helpful

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