How to unsubscribe from Snapchat SMS notifications?

so sometimes when you're logged into your snapchat or created an account snapchat starts to send you this text to to your message app on iphone and it can be pretty annoying like why would you do that and yeah but this is how they do their marketing so it's not emails anymore or just notifications it's also text uh so you can see that like hey you have friends on snapchat add them but to unsubscribe you can just tap unsubscribe here in the text and then you can unsubscribe from sms notifications after unsubscribing from a sms notification you might still receive a smart messages from snapchat for account management and transactional purposes if someone sent you something a proper is asking you to send something you should can report a safety concern by clicking here but anyways i just unsubscribed from sms messages so yeah that's what you can do

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