How to UPDATE LINKEDIN app on iPhone?

hello so here is linkedin app so to update it on iphone just tap update and you will be able to update the app yeah i think linkedin app recently just got much better and less spammy and all of that however i think yes it's still yeah there are some issues but yeah it's getting better and better so definitely download it and update it and the original linkedin is amazing right now so it's just uh yeah some of your good posts can have like hundreds of thousands of impressions and all of that so definitely update this app and try it out so yeah that's how you update it almost 300 megabytes and 66k ratings 4.3 out of five average rating but that's fine because massive amount of ratings here so yeah that's how it works yeah and then you just need to wait until it says open                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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