to update ob me to a new version you can just open the app or just go to the app store and tap update uh okay because seems there are quite a few bugs and but they're constantly fixed so as you can see right now in the app i see update uh but okay still it's it still says open so maybe just at this moment developers are working something so usually you just need to go to the app and instead of open you would see like update button so just tap on update and then the app should be updated so by doing that you will fix a lot of bugs so if you have some bugs and the app is glitchy and stuff just make sure to update to the latest version it's often the case when the team is small or it's like in the developer app or there is a new app there can be so many glitches and like usually in these cases the updates will be released quite often so just the best way to fix that just to update the app often if it's available it will solve majority of your issues uh hope that's helpful

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