How to update to Twitter Blue for $7.99? Recent update!

so here's an interesting update from Twitter so seems now you can get Twitter blue for send 99 per month if you sign up and then you can get blue check mark part to the people your account will get a blue check mark just like the celebrities companies and politicians you already follow um yeah so that's basically the idea of it and this is the changes which Elon is proposing um so but I'm just curious if if this is already being rolled out to everyone or it's just uh you know they're just testing new features as I was looking through the Twitter uh Twitter threads uh it's not live yet it's just uh yeah they're just testing it out for selected users um so hopefully it will be live soon but yeah if you have this notification to update Twitter now you can get it and then yeah you should probably get also this Twitter blue check mark um so let's explore if you can actually if I can actually upgrade or in which countries is it available seems it it should be available already in some countries uh so yeah I don't see like exactly Twitter blue tab or something like that um so here you can see this thread the new blue isn't isn't live yet the Sprint our launch continues but some folks might see us make an updates because we are testing pushing chance real time to enter team is legendary new blue coming soon not all features alive yet some will come in later this is how it might look like so this is how you can subscribe and then enjoy a verified account in blue check mark so something like that

Twitter pauses its newly introduced...
Twitter pauses its newly introduced $8 blue tick verification feature: Report | #shorts #news
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