How to Upgrade in Chai app and send more than 70 messages per 3 hours?

here's popular chai app and after recent update you no longer can send 100 messages per day but now you can send 70 messages already i send one so 69 but they reset every three hours so in fact you can send 560 message per day but still it is super annoying that after every 70 messages sent you need to wait three hours so that's basically yeah it's annoying so what you need to do is just upgrade to premium and then you have unlimited messages you can get unlimited access with premium account you can either select annual which is 134 per year monthly 13.99 per month so you can choose one of those uh there is no free trial so you can't try it like for example for three different unlimited messages and then decide if you want to subscribe but at least there is 20 discount on annual plan so that's the option what you can do there is also a new update you can get bonus messages if you start stream of your chat and you get more than five viewers i guess then basically um you can get unlimited messages as well but it is still quite hard to get to start stream and get more than five viewers because that doesn't have that many users who want to watch streams at this moment so that's the idea um yeah so then you just tap continue to premium and then you are prompted to sign up for this subscription and then you just need to use your facebook id or touch id to subscribe and then this yearly subscription will appear in your subscriptions in in the apple id so hope this is helpful

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