How to upgrade in Chai app and send unlimited messages? Quick guide

here is shy app a quick guide how to upgrade in this app create your account really quickly and easy tap on profile tab in the top right in the bottom you can tap get premium here you will see how many free messages left for for you and then in the bottom there is also time period in which they're being reset so in my case at the moment they reset in one hour three minutes so that's what it is and then i can just type get premium there are two options there is either monthly a subscription option or free trial monthly at the moment is 13.99 this way you will get a unlimited messages and bots for a month there is also annual subscription where you can get uh yeah 20 discount and then also there is a free trial free trial is for three days where you can sign up and then uh yeah you you can use the service for three days but then yeah then your subscription will start and that's uh that's two dollars sixty cents per week so as you can see it's 20 percent cheaper than a monthly plan and then you can upgrade and yep there you have it uh that's basically how you can get unlimited messages and bots party series in a dick edition and you can also use bots now um so uh yep something around it um at the moment you have 70 messages and they're being reset every three hours so you can send more than 500 messages per day in chai app but you need to wait three hours after you have sent 70 messages so something around it thank you for watching

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