How to UPGRADE in DAWN AI app?

how to upgrade in app so why do you need this so basically the first set of AI avatars you can generate for free you just upload your own images and you generate the first set for free which is pretty amazing in all other apps even like for small set of 50 pictures you need to pay because the computing power is pretty expensive for AI but here it's free but then if you want to generate more images like this I just want to generate more then I need to upgrade and wait until tomorrow and every day you just need to go pro to create unlimited messages so then you just tap continue and then first third generation no watermark and generate generate unlimited artworks uh so yeah just upgrade there you have three days free than 9.99 per week so it's pretty expensive 9.99 per weeks like more than 40 dollars per month so be aware of that but you still have free trials so definitely good option to try out and like the style is completely different from other AI Avatar apps you can go here and then just select style and select you as a caveman or like a human robot as a uh 60s so this is not this woman who will be generated this is just like an example of the Avatar and then it will just use your your image hope that is helpful

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