How to upgrade in locksmith app to diamond membership?

how to upgrade uh in locksmith app and become a diamond member so that's how their subscription is called so yeah just tap on Three Dots and why do you need that so you can customize your widget design so that's you can set up how you want your locksmith widget look on the lock screen so for example I just want to add these hearts or just add a different border so I just tap on that and then if I want something more different from the standard design uh yeah I will just need to do that so then I just tap save and then you need to upgrade um for All Access um and that's 499 per week so not per month per week so it's it's more than like 20 dollars per month pretty expensive app actually uh just for this design so there you have it um so yeah that's basically the process what else like um can you change app icon Sims even with uh upgrade you will need to have at least three friends to to upgrade and then there is a Matchmaker I don't know which other things you're getting apart from from just ability to change the design you can always reach out to the need help and um yeah or just follow them on Instagram um so that's basically the process and hope you enjoyed it

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