How to upgrade in Top Widgets app?

to upgrade in top Widgets app all you need to do is just go to the home screen and just tap on any widgets widget which requires which has this Crown MRG so then you can just tap save and then you can upgrade to top videos Pro unlimited use of all widgets 100 without ads constant updates unlimited qualify bars so if you're looking to use stoppages app just for um yeah for log widgets might be the thing for you here is that it will be without ads because it can be pretty annoying then you can have updates and then you unlimited use of all widgets at the moment lock screen widgets are kind of like accessible without premium assigned without pro version but maybe they will release more in future and you will have access to that faster and you will be able to to use them faster and without ads and maybe in the future some of them will be locked so if you are obsessed about lock widgets that's the app to try out and the price is super low actually uh yeah this is just the price in Danish krona so it's like quarterly okay first one five Kronos and next month 13 Chronos so it's like two dollars or something um a per month um so that's that uh yeah hope you enjoyed it thank you for watching

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