How to upgrade to ChatGPT PRO?

how to upgrade to chat GPT Pro so it's it's now being released and it's worth 42 dollars per month but a lot of users now asking where to find the button to upgrade so in my account I can still find it so if I tap on the left sidebar I don't see this option um yet so I was just doing some research and features this is what users are talking about that how to upgrade it will show on the left hand side when you're enabled they will they're just obviously turning it's on slowly in cohorts so it's not yet available to everyone it should be available somewhere on this left sidebar so maybe wait few days or something and then you will see this pop-up available for you maybe it's just they just rolled out to few people a few influencers here and there so and then yeah uh you will see this current plan available so there are proof of people who are already signed up and so this is real this is not a fake on Twitter it's 42 dollars per month it's pretty expensive though but yeah that's what you can expect to see a current plan free plan available when the demand is slow only standard response speed regular model updates in a free plan in professional plan 42 dollars per month available even when demand is high faster response speed Priority Access to new features so that's what you can see here and it's just very recent updates people just posting on Twitter so it seems they just really rolled it out to limited amounts of users and it will be rolling out more and more uh later so don't freak out if you just don't see this professional uh pattern in in the in your sidebar so yeah uh there you have it uh you should be able to upgrade boss on mobile on desktop but there is no mobile app there is only you can only see it in browser so anyhow hope that is helpful

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