How to upgrade to Duolingo Super?

Hey there, so how to upgrade to Duolingo Super? So yeah, just tap on the Home button and then you can just tap either in your streaks or your jumps and then you can find out that there is like a Super, so Duolingo Super. Get limited hearts and say goodbye to ads. Super learners are 4.2x more likely to finish this course. You can get limited hearts, you can get personalized practice. And I don't know what that means. Then you can go to Legendary Trophy anytime, no jumps needed and no ads. And then you can just try for free. There is a free trial for two weeks. And then you will, yeah, so you'll get a push notification. And then you can choose a plan. So individual plan is 6.99 per month. Individual or family plan is 9.99 per month. And then you can just start your free two weeks and then you can also view all plans. So that's basically an idea how you get started. You just select. And if you want to select annual or monthly, and then you can just get started. Again, you're getting two weeks free trial, which is pretty generous offer.

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