hey there so here's guys app so if you tap in uh top left you will see inbox and then in the bottom you see this button see who likes here so basically this is this is how you can upgrade to God mode in gazab so that's our current billing and that's 699 dollars per week um per week so not per month uh what you get here reveal two names per week get unlimited hints uh the first letter so that's how you get a hint so you're not revealing the full name but a hint is just basically that you reveal the first letter get double points uh coins on polls secret crash alerts a girl added her name to her pulse three people like you see who likes you Saint Paul's anonymously so yeah that's basically an overview and then you can just tap continue and upgrade to the god mode um so yeah that's like an overview of the god mode that's how you can upgrade uh I need to say the god Mark is not yet available to everyone uh uh it's only available to some selected accounts but hopefully it will be rolled out to everyone soon so as as far as as soon as you see this button in the bottom see who liked you then you can upgrade

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