How to UPGRADE to NGL PRO subscription?

How to upgrade an NGL app. Here when you need first to share your first prompt and ask for replies and then eventually when you receive some replies here, you can tap who send this. Then you can tap here unlock. Only Pro members can see exclusive hints on each message. Then just tap Unlock and then you will be able to upgrade to the Pro subscription.

Pro renews at 9.99 per week so you can just tap and unlock and then you will get this subscription 9.99 per week, not per month. It's like almost $40 per month. But then you won't be able to know who sent the message. You'll only get some hints and that's basically that.

I was exploring some of the comments about NGL app on the App Store and there are not a lot of replies yet. Some people that do not buy the hint packet literally tells you this was made by an Apple iPhone in Houston or somewhere, but don't buy. Some people say that the hints are not that good and it will just provide you very generalistic data from where you won't be able to specifically recognize it.

Maybe it's a good thing because yes, this app is around like getting anonymous questions but still, I think if you're paying like $10 per week or 10 euro per week, you should be able to get at least maybe one hint, then another hint, and another hint and eventually you should be able to know who exactly sent that message.

But since it's not the case, it's more like a monetization hook for you so that's basically that. I hope this was helpful.

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