How to upgrade to Peacock Premium or Premium Plus on iPhone?

hello so here is peacock app so how to upgrade to peacock premium or premium plus on iphone so just tap on your profile in top right tap on account on the jr icon and here you will have the option just to upgrade from your phone it should load so yeah then you will see loading plans so there are basically three plans here uh there is a free plan which is a default plan um and yeah and then there is peacock premium which is 4.99 per month and there is peacock premium plus which is 9.99 per month which is basically all the content which you have in peacock premium so you already can access all the content for 4.99 per month but if you don't want to have ads and some additional features you get peacock premium plus so to upgrade just tap upgrade here and you can use your face id or touch id and subscribe here from apple device um so yeah and then of course then you will be able to log into peacock either on the web or on some other smart tvs and other devices whereas the recipe coke app so that's how you upgrade to peacock premium of course if you do did that via apple you will need to cancel that also via apple user settings app hope that was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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