How to upgrade to Premium in Chai app? And send more than 100 messages

so chai app uh added a new update now basically you have a limit of messages um and then yeah if you want to send more than 100 messages daily you need to upgrade to premium so you have 100 free messages left today subscribe to get limited access and send as many messages as you want upgrade or cancel anytime premium membership you can have yearly subscription get unlimited access for one year must be subscription get unlimited access for one month for 13.99 and of course you can just uh upgrade and restore purchases like on the other fonts all just other stuff but yeah there you have it uh so yep here are four bots i don't know if there are more boards available or different modes but yep there you have it so before that app on the head i think had unlimited messages but then it started bugging and crashing a bit because a lot of people started to use it so that's how you can get more than 100 messages if you just go to your chats and conversations and all of that hope that is helpful

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