How to UPGRADE to PRO and see WHO SENT message in NGL: anonymous q&a app?

hello so here is ngl app um so if you go to inbox you can see all the messages and then uh yeah you can uh see the the messages someone sent you but of course the whole point of this app that you don't know who that is and then you can reply and all of that if you want really to see who sent this you will need to upgrade for a pro so pro members can see exclusive hints on each message so by again to be clear by by upgrading to pro you won't see the exactly who sent it but you will see some hints and you can guess so then you can just unlock and then you will need to upgrade for pro so pro version is 9.99 per week um so yeah that's pretty expensive that's like 40 dollars per month not per year per month or 9.99 per week there is no free trial and that's what it is yeah so if you want to try that out that's how you can do it

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