How to UPGRADE TO PRO in NGL app? And SEE HINTS who sent a message

ngl app so to upgrade you need to go to inbox and then uh to see the option of upgrading to pro subscription you need to get some messages first if you don't have any messages there is no point for you to upgrade obviously so here is the message uh and then when you receive this message you will see who sent this button and then you can just tap unlock on it pro members can see exclusive hints on each message so notice that this app doesn't promise you that you will see exact username exact user who sent this message you will just see hints and then you just tap unlock and the price is 9.99 dollars per week so it's per week so it's like 40 dollars almost per month so it's quite expensive there is no free trial and after upgrading again you will only see very general hints like phone model or maybe you will see like the cd and that's it if you go to app reviews on the app store you will see that some people some users are disappointed others are okay with this upgrade because a lot of people just expect that this upgrade will reveal the the exact username but it won't that's not what it says here so you can just do that and after after it you will be able to to see these hints one they can be helpful one you know where you have shared your story or for example you shared your story to close friends or you can see also in instagram that like for example only 30 people use your story and then from these 30 people if you bought a subscription which says someone from london for example uh used this message then it can give you a good idea because only like from 20 people uh you you can identify it but if your story was seen by hundreds of people the pro subscription might help might not it's just case by case by this yeah to receive messages in the first place you need to copy the link and then tap share in the bottom and share the share it in instagram story on instagram bio so that's that to cancel subscription you will need to go to the settings and then go to your icloud and from here go to subscriptions find your subscription and cancel from here if you delete your account or just delete the app it won't cancel a subscription and you will be charged 9.99 per week so that's about it hope that was helpful

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