in this video Let's explore how to upgrade to Snapchat Plus so first uh make sure you have updated to the latest version so here you should have open instead of update second you need to be located and your Snapchat account should be tied to US Canada UK France Germany Australia New Zealand Saudi Arabia or UIA instead of yeah if you're not in these countries it won't work so if ah it works with you you can just go to Snapchat tap on profile on top left tap in gear icon on top right and then you will be able to see Snapchat Plus and then here just tap on Snapchat Plus and from here you can choose a subscription so either one month 3.99 per month six months you have eight percent off that's 21.99 22 dollars or 12 months just for 40 dollars uh 16 of uh here you can restore purchases if you type in the top of the series dots or you can contact support there is also like seven day free trials every type of subscription so it doesn't matter if you subscribe for a month 6 months or 12 months there is a seven day free trial so let's learn a bit of more about this um so first it doesn't remove ads so you will still have ads even if you are paying for 3.99 USD per month but you have some additional features um and then you can get these exclusive features with Snapchat Plus ghost trials on the map Best Friends Forever pin as uh number one best friend you can see Story Watch indicator you can see which people are watch your stories add custom app icons Snapchat Plus badge friend solar system and so these are like some of the cool new features and maybe you will be able to try some some features which are not released to others users yet similar as I have is YouTube premium so yeah this is kind of a new release I was reading in Decline just kind of Snapchat was a bit struggling with a number of growing number of monthly active users so they're interesting out this additional Revenue stream similars of course like Twitter has Twitter Blue YouTube YouTube premium but this is only for people who are super engaged with Snapchat so if you're using SnapChat almost daily if you have your top friends here that's definitely for you to check out and definitely give it a try for time and die for a trial other than that yep hope this is helpful

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