How to upgrade to Twitter Blue 2023? Full guide

so how to upgrade for Twitter blue so you can get a notification on your Twitter app on iOS and this is how it looks like so this is Twitter blue uh blue subscribers is a verified phone number we'll get a blue check mark once approved rocket to the top of replies mentions and search it's coming soon tweets from verified tutors will be prioritized see how the ads um see 50 of your ads than non-subscribers you can post longer videos you'll have finally be able to post on your videos on Twitter and get um Early Access to new features with Twitter Labs so for example um at the moment you can get early access to nft profile pictures or 1080 pixels video uploads share your favorite moments with uh 1080 pixels full HD video so there you have so then you can just tap subscribe and let's see how it works and then yeah you can just use the JD and then your purchase was successful it can take a period of time for a account to be reviewed go to Twitter blue settings to check your verification status ready to see your member benefits Twitter blue leaves in the sidebar check it out anytime to see a member benefits and manage your settings so there you have it um so now you can just see the most shared articles in in your network set the text size while reading threads further access to select features upload longer videos this is not yet available audio tab which you can discover here bookmark folders and then you can just undo to it and then extras custom navigation uh choose what appears in your navigation tab so something like that and then choose an exclusive app icon which you can do here this is a selection of icons just a color for your team for Twitter um so yeah something like that then you can just see manage subscription and then you can see we are reviewing your account uh so there you have it I don't know how much time will it take for the count to be reviewed and then you just have this Twitter blue here in preferences uh and then it says blue looks good on you enjoy verified icon and blue check mark once you have been approved so let's see how it works there is also some help center you can also get support I don't know if that are you also just redirected to to the help center uh and then you can just reach out about it hopefully that works uh yeah so that's basically how you can upgrade I don't know if this feature available for you it should be available rolling out to all accounts in United States Canada UK Australia I think and then it's slowly rolling out to all around the world I'm not basing us or UK like but like okay in Denmark it's just been released so there you have it

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