How to upgrade to Twitter Blue checkmark for $7.99? Guide

so how to upgrade to Twitter blue uh check mark so let's just gonna go through it so first of all you need to go to App Store and update Twitter to the latest version um yeah this update was already rolled out three days ago from uh when this video is published so you can see here that you can get Twitter blue for 7.99 a month subscription if you sign up now and then you can get blue check mark power to the people your account you will get a blue check mark just like celebrities companies and politicians you already follow around and there are a lot of additional features here like you can get half the ads post on your videos priority ranking for Quality content um and but the trick is that this is only available in select countries and iOS in U.S Canada Australia and New Zealand and the UK so it's not available in other parts of Europe um yeah not in like South America or Asia or anything like that so you need to be located in these countries and I guess your account should be tied to these countries either visualize phone number or something like that so then basically if you have that you will see option to subscribe to Twitter blue I think maybe in the Twitter settings or just on your left sidebar on on mobile app so you will see this pop-up and then this is how like this uh pop-up will look like you can see what's included in blue and manage your settings and then you can enable the subscription as you can see here but what users are reporting that uh even if you upgrade now for eight dollars a month you you're not yet getting a check mark so that's just we'll be rolling out soon some people tell that it's just because elections are coming in United States therefore uh yeah some some things are not happening because it's a bit dangerous to roll out this feature now so maybe that's the reason uh um yeah so yeah but then there is an update uh the new version and other company features aren't live yet it will be coming soon uh so it's it's not it's not there yet um so does that um for some people for some people it's still not available uh uh but the the shipping speed is really fast under Elon Musk so probably it's gonna be rolled out pretty soon but basically yes that's how you upgrade it's not available on Twitter Android so there you have it

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