so here I'm just going through the Twitter help center to get to know how to upgrade to Twitter blue yep so this is an instruction from older Twitter blue subscription now the process should be the same but you just need to buy a new one so if you're eligible you should see these steps so first you need to be on iPhone on iOS using Twitter mobile app not in the browser just Twitter mobile app so just tap on the profile menu on your app select Twitter blue select subscribe for uh like 7.99 per year button follow the in-app purchase instructions for iOS and then congrats your now future blue subscriber so that's how it works so here is you can go to Twitter you can tap on your home button you can tap on profile in top left tap on profile and here there should be a button to upgrade but um yeah unfortunately like in my case there is no button because uh yeah I'm not based in us or UK or something like that so that's why probably um also like the new Twitter blue subscription since it's rolling out only to those countries uh not also like Canada Australia and few others but not European countries yet so that's why it's not it's not yet available um so there you have it that's that's basically that's the idea um uh yes or something like that um that's uh that's what it is um I don't know when this feature will roll out to everyone it's not available on Android as well so only Twitter mobile app on iOS in those specific countries hope this overview can be helpful um yeah I will explain you more when I get access

How to Downgrade Twitter on iPhone ...
How to Downgrade Twitter on iPhone & Android
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