How to upload a CUSTOM NFT to TWITTER?

here is a great threat if you don't want to miss out if you have fomo on like twitter and ft profile pics uh so you don't own any nfts you don't on board apps or uh punks via openc because i like pretty expensive and you missed out or something like that but you just still want to be part of the club and show this hexagonal uh image um so here's a great thread by cantina ethereum how you can actually create your custom nft profile picture and then mint your own nft and show it off as a hexagonal image on twitter so yeah if you're on nft just skip like you just can connect it um so yeah but you can just upload your own picture means your own nft and open c and then just uh connect it to twitter so sign in with your wallet so just download rainbow wallet select wallet and connect uh uh yeah so then you need to go to open c and uh connect with rainbow uh you connect with rainbow then you just create an an open c create new item then you can just create your own profile picture your own item um so then just attach a standard data to your nft and then just tap create and then you just publish your nft on blockchain so but twitter isn't recognized and if it is created using lysine minting feature you will have to transfer your nft out of opensys custody so then you just create a new wallet so in rainbow you need to tap create a new wallet um lens transfer enragement transfer your wallet containing your customer nft swipe to collectibles send and send it to your uh to your profile to your second wallet so pass the address of your second wallet and then you'll be able to send it and then um yeah basically uh yeah you will also need to pay some ethereum gas fee it can be different it can be like 40 bucks so nice the transfer is in progress uh then then basically your nft should show up in the collectibles tab of your new wallet open the twitter app choose nft connect rainbow wallet confirm to verify your address and then choose your nft and tap save so now you just created your custom nft and then you can show it off as a hexagonal image on twitter so that's pretty cool even if you don't own this some cool nfts you can really get creative and have this image as an nft and you will also learn some of the web 3 somehow features how to mean nft and understand blockchain so interesting project try it out and yeah you need to own twitter blue you need to be subscribed to twitter blue to have access to this twitter and ft profile pictures so that's that hope that is helpful

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