How to use a priority queue in Dream by Wombo app?

here is dream by wumbo app and if you tap on the premium in the top right you will see here that now there is an option to generate images your ai art with priority queue so you can have faster generation times for your dreams there is no estimated details um you know like how how faster is that and all all of it but yeah you can get 499 per month so 19.99 per year so it's much cheaper if you select per year there is no free trial as you see so that's basically what it is and yeah then you can just use priority queue and then you can generate these images much faster so if we if we for example try to do it right now um and try to create an image you will see that it takes some time it's not super slow it's like you know but if you are generating a lot a lot of images it can be a bit faster um so yep that's how it works

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