How to use ADVANCED DRAWING TOOLS in NoteIt widget app?

so when you want to send a drawing as with noted before uh you could only use like something the mailchimp customer journey builder is how business has achieved four times more it helps businesses so let me show you so i want to draw something and yeah something like that but i want some more advanced drawing tools and now finally you can unlock premium drawing tools but of course you need to buy so it's part of a premium noted package so you can unlock all advanced drawing tools link as many friends as you want unlock all picture filter effects added text color fonts on picture remove ads and all of that so monthly 4.99 yearly premium 14.99 so you can do that and then you will have just more drawing features so that that can be nice uh a lot of people who are asking it it was one of the most requested features in the app reviews like people were asking i want like some laps tool or i want to be able to draw circles or you know squares and to just build have much more advanced drawing features so yeah now you can do that uh just you need to upgrade so in case you were asking if there is some like better version uh besides this like very basic uh like drawing tool set which is available in like you know apple standard no notes app so yeah you can access that but it's available on a bad account but if you like this app a lot if you're using it with your partner that can be a really really nice app so there you have it

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