How to use Apple Pay in Coinbase?

hey so did you know that now you can buy crypto on coin by swiss apple pie so i'm just reading this on coinbase blog and then there are new seamless wise intro including apple pie and google pay so yeah so you can use apple pie on ios supported the device or safari web browser and apple pi automatically appears the payment method when you're buying with pi encrypt on coinbase so that's that um i'm actually looking into coinbase app right now and seems that it's still kind of not really available in the app i'm not sure so maybe you should use like web experience or something and then you will be able to to to get that anyways so google play google pi sorry uh you you will be introduced later this fall so that's that that's just me easier for a lot of people to buy crypto instantly on coinbase                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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