How to use built in PLANT IDENTIFIER in APPLE PHOTOS on iPhone?

i'm going here through the tweets and here's tweet from austin allred did you know that there is a planned identifier built into photos on iphone so you don't need another app like blender identifier apps or a bunch of them so what you need to do you need to take a picture of a plant tap the information icon that appears at the bottom of the screen and tap look up plant so like you can see this so if you type the picture of a plant instead of just information icon you will see some you know notification kind of magic icon around it tap look up planned and then you will see your results already and that's basically serious suggesting you what kind of plant is it uh and it can also tell the breeds of the dogs as well uh so this uh these are the some of the suggestions it doesn't work that well yet it's not like well you know well developed yet but it's a cool feature and you know plant identifier apps can be super addictive i like to use them like some some days um and yeah so this is the now it's it's included right in the in the ios ecosystem

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