How to use Camera in Shuffles app?

so here is shuffles app and let's explore how to use camera in shuffles app so when you're creating a new shuffle you can actually tap on camera icon in the bottom and then you have camera so you can just tap there you can take a photo and then actually automatically you can try to cut something out you can also draw some area to search so you can just uh try to another ah okay so sometimes it's not cutting out that's great um and then you can just uh yeah you can cut something okay anyways let's just take a batter image probably um so here it is so for example a pencil and then i just took an image and i want to cut it out and that's it and then there you have it so i just cut out a pencil i can move it around like this and yeah so that's basically the idea um it's pretty cool and then you can use it in your shuffles so this app has built-in background remover so you don't need to use canva or some other apps or to remove background you can instantly do it in the shuffles app

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