How to use Common app? Guide

The Common App is a mobile application designed to assist individuals in applying for colleges in the United States. With this app, users can easily create an account and upload all required documents, including their profile information and grades. The convenience of having everything in one place is truly commendable. Users can effortlessly browse through different colleges and universities and apply with just a few taps on their fingertips.

To get started, simply create an account using your email and password. Once logged in, you will have access to various dashboards and features. Adding colleges to your list is a breeze - just search for the desired institution, tap on "add," and it will appear under your colleges. Upon selecting a particular college, you can view standard information and answer a few questions specific to the institution.

After filling out the necessary details, such as preferred start term, field of study, and short answers, you will need to complete additional sections, such as recommender information and fee payment. The app provides a structured platform to guide users through the admissions process, ensuring that all relevant and important information is captured accurately before review and submission.

Furthermore, the app offers a checklist feature that helps users track their progress for each college application. It is crucial to complete the profile section, which includes your family, education, testing, activities, and writing information. Additionally, there is a section dedicated to personal essays and specific university questions. Having these sections readily available in one centralized app saves time and eliminates the need to repeatedly submit the same information to multiple colleges.

While it is advisable to have a laptop for certain applications that may require additional documents or a more formal work environment, the Common App remains a valuable tool for managing and streamlining the college application process. With the app, users can commute and apply to colleges on-the-go. The sheer number of colleges available for application is vast, ranging from universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Italy, and more.

In conclusion, the Common App provides an efficient and user-friendly approach to college applications. By utilizing this app, aspiring students can make their college application journey a breeze. So why not give it a try and experience the convenience firsthand?

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