How to use DALL-E mini app?

so how to use uh delhi mini app it's available on this url hugging face dot co dot spices uh slash spices slash daily mini slash deli mini so basically you can just search for dali mini on google and it will be the first result so dolly mini is buy it on based on like delete to ai algorithm which can generate really really realistic images from your prompts from your search prompts and it can create something like very similar like almost like photo quality image so it's not like abstract image or something around it it's just uh very very precise it's amazing and here you can just try to run it but at the moment this is what it is uh it just says that there is too much traffic on the web page i don't know what you can do you can try to use chrome or you can use safari or something around it but that's what it is at the moment uh pro of course because probably it went wire on tick tock on twitter well after a few days it should be okay so go and try it again so here you can see some of the results that's what you can try to generate you can try here you can try it on desktop maybe and it really creates amazing images and it's like the next step in this ai image technology the only one tool which probably is the same like this and maybe battery is called imagine from google it's even that like it's provides maybe even slightly better quality but dolly 2 is really showing the like the possibilities of ai and it's just really amazing hope this helpful

DALL-E Mini: what is it and how can...
DALL-E Mini: what is it and how can you use it?
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