How to use dictation on iPhone to write texts faster?

here's how to use dictation on iphone on apple devices so in case you didn't know it like it's it's available uh by default on apple keyboard i think you need to upgrade to i have ios 15 so to be sure you need to be on ios 15 maybe ios 13 is also good but anyways uh here is just in the bottom to the left of space button you have this dictation icon and then you can just talk to it and it will create text for you it's pretty precise so if you if you're not fast typer as i am so i can't type really fast with my fingers you can just use dictation uh to do that of course in whatsapp you also have like audio message uh so this is just an example but in some apps like notes app or email app you don't have that so it's just or you just need not a voice message or the massachusetts exactly need some text so here i will show an example so it's pretty cool right so yep that's the idea hope this is helpful

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