hey everyone so really cool update on clubhouse it's called back channelso basically these are direct messages direct messaging service for clubhouse app it was a long time coming and yeah super super cool so it has boss 101 or group chat and there is also a second inbox for message requests so you can discuss clubhouse rooms in real time take questions from audience say thank you to people so super exciting and this is just the first version so let's read more about it so you can discuss room in real timesend and receive questions from audience say thank you to someone uh you can plan your events you can chat with clubhouse friends so there you have it um so let's just take a look where is that so back channel or direct messages adjust in the bottom right here you can just tap on this uh paper plane icon and then you will see chats so there are three dots you can start a new message to someone and then you can just start sending a message so yeah and to start a group chat you you can just select multiple people there are also message requests which you can have here but of course you can only send oh no so yeah seems you can send people to to whoever you want which is actually pretty cool can i send a message to nawal or like clubhouse co-founders and then so this is the chat so that's super interesting i thoughtyou can only send messages to the your followers but that's interesting uh so that's that and then you can search if you created a chat now you can uh no okay so you can just search previous chats here so that's exciting if you're uh if you you are annoyed you can disable message requests of course if someone else who you don't follow or who doesn't follow you or something like that sends you a message then you will just get like a message request so that's adds another layer to clubhouse now i think marketeers will use this tool as crazy and will try to spam a lot of people but maybe it's also a good thing for outreach you can find some really cool influencers especially on clubhouse yeah so can be a cool channel i think a while ago twitter was like that like some years ago where you could just dm and establish some real valuable connections and even now twitter is like that so maybe clubhouse can become something similar so yeah that's that's that um so you can send thank you say thank you to someon  uh you can coordinate with your co-host to plan events you can just receive questions from the audience discuss your rooms in real time and all of that so yeah that's that if you have additional things to say about just leave them some comments below super interesting to hear

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