How to USE DREAM BY WOMBO APP with own images? FULL GUIDE

hey everyone in this quick but full overview we'll go through a dream by womba app which is which is really viral these days in case you first hear about this app or maybe you've heard about it but just don't know how to use it i will show you i used this app for a few months even when it wasn't that viral as it is right now and it's really amazing app so basically the whole idea of this app is using some ai model artificial intelligence and then you with the help of ai you can create images and pictures and art and here on the homepage you can just see some examples of what other users already created so you can see some images so let's just go in detail so basically you can click on the image and then what it says mcdonald's in the bottom is just basically the search prompt that's basically what a user entered and then uh the image as you can see this is the what's the ai algorithm generated so the mystery of underwater world and this is what was the image so yeah to do that just tap plus and then here you can enter prompt you can do something like forest you can enter multiple prompts by the way if you think that you know you like forest and sea so then it will be just easier for other people to understand but anyway forest you can choose art style there are a few of bunch art styles so they recently just added these few art styles which have netflix logos this is just a promotion of some netflix show but here we can add surreal style or you can also select no style and then later i will show that there is a cool feature with input image but now let's just try this and now you should be able to generate this image and you see in the real time that this image is being generated so that's really amazing and there you have it in this style you have generated the image you can tap generate again if you don't like this one and it will regenerate it uh by the way in case you like some of the images which were in process but you don't like the final image there is nothing you can do about it probably you can just take a screenshot or something but it's not possible to save the preliminary result like a lot of people are asking about this feature but it's not there yet so yeah and then what you can do uh here you can select to show prompt in artwork you can name your artwork um uh then that's basically that and then what you can do you can share it you can publish it by publishing it will appear in your feed and maybe if it's really amazing image you'll be shown in the community feed also in the top right you can download as original so if i download as original basically it will download this image but it will download it with watermarks so let me show you so i downloaded as original as and as a phone background so here you can see its original image so it will have this like rambo art styles and watermarks and if i just download for a phone background it doesn't have any of that so that's kind of cool so this is the way to download uh yep and then you can share it so if i just publish it then i have my account which i can create and then it will appear on my feed here so and i began i can see all other images which i generated overall i need to say that this app is like really great at the moment with abstract images like for a c city and some concepts or some like small object like lamp or i don't know cup of tea or something like that if you try to generate people it still will be very abstract so it's not possible to generate like you know uh photography quality images maybe you have seen there are already some other ai projects like imogen from google or dali 2 so there you can really like generate like dog and this dog will look like like it's a photography so that's really impressive what ai can do but here it's more like abstract imagine at this point but i i just looked up in in the discord channel of dream by wombo and they told that uh they're working really hard to to bring it even more detailed but anyhow let's just try to now generate uh with your input image that's the core feature of the app a lot of people really enjoy it um so i can just yeah i just showed it already like here is the image of the lamp so again don't don't try yet to upload your selfie or anything like that it just won't work so and i want you to generate the photo of this lamp or like anything else like it works really well with landscapes with like city views with like some small objects and then here you can adjust influence of that image it can be a minor influence or minor influence i usually just like major influence because that's provides the best quality then still you need to enter uh some prompt it won't work without prompt and your prompt should be related to what's in the image if you if the image if there is lamp in the image and you enter a prompt like cop in a prompt so something completely different then you will confuse the algorithm and you will have like cup and blank in in your image then again you can select style or no style and then just create and then again you will see the magic that basically yeah you have ai algorithm just basically creating another version of your photo using some artistic style or just yeah generating it like it is so that's basically the idea um that's how it works uh yeah you can also buy prints by the way in the top right i don't know how many people are using that but you can do that and then here is your account there are some settings your username you can check out their discord uh there are like a lot of art competitions there the their discord is super active you can i think you can win some prizes and all of that and i actually read in there that there will be much more updates coming to this app like at the moment you can't follow anyone you can't message or you can just see previews but this app will become much more social kind of like ai instagram so you will see a lot of these features like you can follow people you can see to other people profiles you can select their artworks other people can do this with your profile and maybe you you can have some following and become like you know ai art influencer so that's that another question like people are wondering can can you just you know generate this and sell as nfts um yeah in what they say here but you need to your double checking privacy policy that yeah you can generate these images and then sell them in snfts like if someone will buy it it's great but you still need to mention that it's generated by dream by one but that's the that's the one condition as far as i understood but if you are doing that try if you're planning to do that just double checking their discord so yeah this is the current state of the app there will be more and more updates coming so keep stay tuned just make sure to update the app and i think yeah it will become a really really great app in the coming weeks or months

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